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Free internet for the over 50s

We have free senior internet at the Eden Fishermen’s Club for senior Australians, aged 50 years and over, with a friendly and secure environment to receive computer and Internet training. The Internet connection and computers at the kiosk can be used by seniors for practice and personal computer computing.

About Broadband for Seniors – an Australian Government Initiative

Broadband for Seniors is funded by the Australian Government to provide senior Australians, aged 50 years and over, with free access to computers, Internet and basic training to help build their confidence in using new technology.
Broadband for Seniors has assisted over 400,000 seniors since its establishment in 2008. There are currently around 1,600 Broadband for Seniors kiosks in organisations across Australia.
Broadband for Seniors aims to:

  • Provide senior Australians with access to computers and the Internet via free Internet kiosks;
  • Support senior Australians to gain confidence and build skills in using new technology, enabling them to fully participate in the digital economy;
  • Address the issue of senior Australians feeling isolated and ‘left behind’ in a technological age; and
  • Build community participation and social inclusion among senior Australians.

Broadband for Seniors is delivered by NEC Australia Pty Ltd in partnership with Adult Learning Australia, Australian Senior Computer Clubs Association and University of the Third Age Online.

Broadband for Seniors has gifted kiosk equipment to clubs and organisations at no cost and subsidises internet connections for kiosk computers.

Broadband for Seniors benefits community clubs and organisations that provide senior services and activities and want to encourage greater participation by senior Australians. It has expanded their service offerings to include new technology equipment and a broadband service to form a focus within a club or organisation’s area.
Broadband for Seniors is aimed at people aged 50 years and over who have never had the opportunity to learn how to operate a computer or explore the Internet and who feel threatened by this technology or believe it is too late to learn. People in this group who have a desire to learn can freely do so with help from their peers in a familiar environment. They learn how to use a computer, how to explore information on the World Wide Web and how to stay in touch with friends and family online. Broadband for Seniors kiosks provide a seniors-friendly environment where they can come and learn basic computer and Internet skills.


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