COVID-19 Updates


Opening of licensed venues is approved and regulated under the terms set down by NSW Health.

All licensed venues electing to re-open must be registered and comply with the strict conditions set by the Government.


  • No standing within the licensed premise- patrons must be seated at all times.
  • All members and visitors must register contact details upon arrival
  • Strictly maintain 1.5m social distancing (same household families exempt)
  • No sharing of food plates/ bowls.
  • Temperature  screening may be in use upon arrival
  • Our staff reserve the exclusive right to reject entry to any Patrons displaying flu like symptoms.
  • Designated Covid- Safe Marshalls will be present on duty to monitor and advise patrons of safe distance behaviours.



With the NSW Premier announcing the easing of a stay at home restriction this week, it is also time for both Bowls NSW and Women’s Bowls NSW to jointly update their advice on bowling activity.

It must be noted that the NSW Government has not relaxed restrictions as to:

• Social distancing (this remains that persons must keep at least 1.5m distance from each other),

• Outdoor gatherings (this remains at no more than two persons),

• That aged persons or those with pre-existing conditions should stay at home or take extra precautions if they leave their home, and,

• That licensed establishments remain closed (except for sale of takeaway beverages and food).

However, Bowls NSW together with Women’s Bowls NSW now advise that clubs may, at their own risk, and after satisfying their own legal and insurance responsibilities, allow the use of their outdoor bowling greens for practice/roll ups under strict guidelines.

These guidelines are set out below.

Both associations would like to make it very clear that clubs are under no obligation to open their greens but, if they feel as though they can do so safely and with proper protocols, may allow practice/roll up.

The following points should be considered with the utmost importance:

• The consumption of alcohol is not permitted on licensed premises, under current restrictions,

• Social distancing must be adhered to,

• No more than two persons can practice/roll up on a rink,

• There must be a rink space (empty rink) between each rink in use,

• No more than 10 persons are permitted on a green at any time

• Strict safety and health protocols must be in place as per the recommended guidelines

• Persons must not congregate on the premises, prior to or after completion of practice/roll up.

Please note that this advice may be repealed at any time, if guidelines are not adhered to and/or government advises that restrictions are rescinded.

Andrew M Terry
Chief Executive Officer


Golf News

Management recently sought advice from Golf NSW in respect to the situation regarding disabled golf members and their accompanying carers.

As such, it is permissible for a Carer/Partner to accompany another player whom has a disability sharing a single golf cart.

Persons/ Members wishing to do so, please register your name/s at Prop Shop so verification can be issued.

Andrew Terry


Lawn Bowls Update

Following is an extract of advice received from Nick Hind, Regional Bowls Manager (South East NSW & ACT),
Bowls Australia Limited.
“Due to the uncertainty and lack of clarity surrounding our sport and its inclusion under this social distancing law, Bowls NSW and Women’s Bowls NSW continues with its stance that ALL BOWLS ACTIVITY be suspended at all levels as per regulations already in place.
We ask that all members and Clubs continue to practice responsible social behaviour and adhere to all public health orders and restrictions as set out by the relevant authorities.
The enforcement of these restrictions has now come in to force as gazetted under the Public Health Act and released 30 March.
This notice is very clear that licensed premises must be closed and does not have gazetted an exception for social sports activity, as an essential activity, which roll up/practice would fall under.”

Andrew Terry



Dear Member Clubs and Districts,

Golf NSW is pleased to provide an update.

After reconsideration, the Office of Sport – NSW Government has advised that golf is considered an activity that can continue to be played in line with Public Health Orders relating to public gathering limits, social distancing, and the elderly.

The statement from the Office of Sport – NSW Government is as follows:

The Office of Sport would like to clarify the advice that went out on Monday 30 March 2020.

As you know, there are now restrictions around public gatherings and rules around leaving your home. These new measures are in place to keep the community safe during the COVID-19 outbreak. But it is important to note that people are allowed to leave their homes for the purpose of exercise. For more information on the new restrictions, please visit

What does this mean for sport and active recreation organisations?
The NSW Government has issued guidelines allowing people to go outside and exercise. Any form of exercise is to be undertaken in compliance with the Public Health Orders, meaning that people must not participate in groups greater than two persons at any point in time. Therefore, individual sports such as golf and tennis can continue provided the Public Health Orders are complied with.

Maintaining the public’s physical and mental well-being is now as important as ever. Where possible, it is important sporting clubs and organisations continue to allow people to exercise, so long as social distancing is practised and rules around public gatherings of no more than two people are complied with.

We trust this information will help your organisation to make informed decisions.

Golf NSW understands and respects that it is ultimately a Club’s decision to open or remain closed, based on individual circumstances related to COVID-19.

Wednesday 18 March 2020

Dear Members

New Corvid 19 – Corona Virus Risk Mitigation Measures

Today the Federal Government announced stringent new restrictions on the numbers of persons permitted to be allowed access to Hotels, Bars, Clubs, Restaurants and all deemed Non-essential business houses.

These changes now restrict the number of persons in any one public business to a Maximum of 100 persons.

Club Management are presently attempting to work through the physical and practical limitations and operational  strategies needed in order to comply with the Government’s directives and these changes may change at immediate or short notice as we best attempt manage through the Virus threat.

Effective immediately as of Wednesday 18th, the following changes come into effect;

  • The Saturday Mega Landslide raffle set for Saturday 21st has been postponed.
  • All Club entertainment previously booked for the next 3 months has been cancelled.
  • At this stage, Friday and Saturday raffles will continue, however, door staff may need to restrict the number of persons attending once the 100 person limit is exceeded.
  • Given that domestic air travel is still permitted, our Courtesy Bus will remain in operation for the immediate time being.
  • Bowls Australia has advised that all bowls activities be suspended until further notice.

Members and the public are asked to be supportive and co-operative at this critical point in time, as Management will not tolerate any abuse or breaches of club rules towards employees, members or guests whilst on club premises.

Andrew Terry

5pm: MONDAY 30 MARCH 2020

Members and Guests are advised that following advice from the NSW State Government and the NSW Office of Sport, it is Golf NSW’s recommendation that all golf courses in NSW close at midnight on March 30, 2020, until further notice.

We will keep our valued Members and Guest appraised of further developments as they come to hand.

To comply with this direction the Eden Fishermen’s Recreation Club will close all sporting facilities (both golf and bowls) at the Eden Gardens Country Club as of midnight tonight.



As Members are now aware, the Federal Government has closed all Licensed and Registered clubs, hotels, restaurants etc. indefinitely.

I wish to clarify the current policy in respect to use of Sporting facilities as of Monday March 23rd.


The Golf Course will remain OPEN for social and competition play.


  1. Motorised Golf Cart Use: Effective immediately, two persons sharing a motorised golf cart is prohibited with only one person per cart.
  2. To assist offset this requirement, the member hire cost for 18 hole round has been reduced to $ 20.00 ( Visitors $ 25.00 )
  3. The Seniors Golf special has been temporarily withdrawn and NOT available.
  4. Manual Score Card Entry:  Banned .Score cards are to be handed directly to the Golf counter.
  5. Flagsticks:  To remain permanently in the cup.
  6. Pro Shop Entry: Members to keep a 1.5 Metre distance at ALL times within the shop enclosure.


Bowls Australia this week announced a nationwide ban on all forms of organised bowls events throughout the country in response to the Corona threat.

In terms of the Eden Country Club, Management encourage individuals to continue to play in a social or private capacity if you wish.


  1. Maximum players is 4 persons per rink. ( Pairs or singles only )
  2. A minimum one vacant rink must be maintained between players at all times.
  3. Access to bowls storage office is from Pro Shop.

Please contact Club Management for further information if required.

Andrew Terry
Chief Executive Officer
Behalf Board of Directors.
Eden Fishermen’s Recreation Club



Last week, our Club was fortunate enough to host a small gathering of emergency services workers with the NSW Premier and majority of her Government Ministers in attendance to both thank the Eden community for their tireless efforts over the bush fire crisis period and give her ongoing support to the Eden community. The Premier assured all that her Government and Ministers would continue to provide support to our community wherever possible.

Local Member Andrew Constance then addressed the gathering and stated he wished 2020 would simply go away!

I start this Members Update by expressing my complete agreeance with Mr Constance.

At no stage in living memory has our Club come under the extreme risk of complete collapse more so than the past three months.

Having barely survived the New Year’s fire crisis, we now confront an ever bigger threat to our ongoing existence as a result of a global pandemic which appears to have NO limitations and certainly NO boundaries.

It has been the Board’s intention as we announced early in the year that as soon as the fire crisis was over to call a series of General Member information meetings and update the membership on a range of important strategic issues such as our current financial position and business plan intentions to be enacted into the New Year.

Unfortunately, the rate in which the Coronavirus impacted both our ability  local and national economy and indeed local community confidence and stability has for all intents and purposes  “ Gone out the Window ! “

What we can inform our members is the following:


As to be expected, the Club incurred a significant loss for the month of January, – $67,000 compared to a profit the previous year of $60,500.

February on the other hand saw some positive results with a profit being declared of $66,357.

Government and Club grant donations were one the major contributing factors leading to this result.

Unfortunately , our planned forecast to return to a positive surplus this financial year appears lost with the current Year to Date Net position being – $ 207,619 and with the  recently announced tightening of the Coronavirus  restrictions and limits of travel, we cannot realistically see trade recovering in the remaining two months to pull this back.

What should be noted without raising too much alarm, the most heavily impacted part of our business has been Greens Income which presently remain – 81 % less than the same period last year?

The loss alone from Golf and Bowls this year accounts for 90 % current Group loss, despite limiting the number of trading days for the Country club and general declines in gaming and bar revenues.

Equally, it needs to be noted, that there have been NO reductions in greens maintenance outlays, if anything we have made additional improvements in both staff resources, machinery and equipment throughout the year as part of a 5 year business plan to restore the Golf facility to championship status.

To offset this situation and maintain a working cash flow, the club has made significant reductions throughout the past eight months in payroll and non-discretionary overheads such as advertising, entertainment, promotional events, repairs and capital items which do not return a positive return on outlays.

These measures (along with recent government concessions arising from the bush fire recovery measures) have allowed the club to continue to operate without increasing debt and service existing obligations.

As was announced at last year’s Annual General Meeting, the Club is due to receive significant additional funding arising from the Country Club land development project  over the course of 2020 once the Development permits are issued , and this is currently anticipated to occur between May and June  this year.


Our trading capacity and current operating times in which we open (both Venues) remains on a “Watch & Act “basis.

Given the volatility of the Corvid-19 Virus and Government crackdown on people movements in an attempt to slow or contain the epidemic, we realistically have no capacity to plan more than a day at time.

The Board recently adopted and implemented a financial monitoring mechanism which accesses our daily/weekly trading revenues and patron movements to assess the level of business activity relative to the daily/weekly operations costs of running both sites.

In simple terms, as long as our members and the general level of business activity remain at current levels, we see no immediate requirement to made reductions across our business centres such as golf, dining, bar and member activities, however this situation is fragile, and if consumer confidence or fear forces our locals to stay home and major downturn in visitors and tourists then we will need to implement stricter controls in response.


Bowls Australia this week announced a nationwide ban on all forms of organised bowls events throughout the country in response to the Corona threat.

In terms of the Eden Country Club, Management encourage individuals to continue to play in a social or private capacity if you wish.

Our advice is be sensible and don’t intermix with other players bowls equipment and use polishing towels wherever possible to limit cross contamination if playing with more than one person.

Golf remains unaffected by this and continues as per club fixtures for social and club competition events.

I take this opportunity to also inform the members that there will be significant changes to the upcoming years membership fees in light of the sever financial downturn experienced this past year. The new fee structures will be announced in early April.


Given the Government restrictions on the number of persons allowed into Non-essential businesses (Capped at 100 persons – per room), Management will access our weekly events on a day by day basis.

At this point in time (March 19th) our weekly Friday & Saturday raffles will continue, however given supply shortages with our meat supplies, the raffle prize formats will change as we cannot presently source the number of meat trays normally on offer.

Tuesday Members Bade draw will also continue, however numbers will be strictly enforced to ensure the Club does not exceed the allowable patron limit.

Management is aware that a number of other regional clubs have in fact cancelled their members bade draws on an indefinite basis, however we will make the call on a week to week assessment.

Unfortunately, we have cancelled all other events which were expected to attract a larger gathering. With this ALL live entertainment has been suspended on an indefinite basis as too the Mega Landslide raffle set down for Saturday March 21st.


We are all equally concerned as to the current panic buying and run on basic household necessities at present.

The Club did acquire some additional supplies of basic hygienic supplies prior to the peak panic buying and at this stage have approximately 2 months of sanity products however we have and continue to experience supply issues in acquiring additional sanitizers and disinfectant products to provide additional cleaning practises.

Once again, we urge all members and patrons to exercise basic common sense, hand wash and maintain safe distances wherever possible, and most of all, if you are unwell STAY HOME!

On a final note, our best ability as a members club to survive going forward is to stay united and supportive of each other at this critical juncture in Australia’s history.

There is NO rule book for the environment in which are currently living or facing, so the Board’s focus on getting through one day at time and ensuring as best we can we remain intact.

WE, as a Club management team, continue to have faith in the previous ground work established over recent years. We will see the club through the other side, however, if we divide and contest ourselves in the process then there’s not much point in asking our employees, voluntary board members, committees to keep working on behalf of the majority others so our facilities remain in hands of the Eden community.

Andrew Terry
Chief Executive Officer
Behalf Board of Directors.
Eden Fishermen’s Recreation Club