Founded with a strong community spirit, Eden Fishermen’s Club continues its dedicated connection to the local area.

Clubs NSW

To apply for CDSE funding see on their community support tab. For more information on CDSE Funding see on their community support tab.The ClubsNSW or CDSE Scheme is designed by the government to ensure that larger registered clubs in NSW contribute to front-line services in the local community. Under the legislation, Eden Fishermen’s Club is required to invest 1.5% of total gaming revenue in community projects under two specific categories. The first category covers community welfare and social services, community development and community health services and employment assistance activities. The second category covers other community development and support services.

Community Support
Eden Fishermen’s Club is committed to its local community and, although it is required by legislation to give back to the community, always exceeds the regulatory requirements.

We support a vast range of community groups, if you would like to see a detailed list of the groups we support, please contact the Club.