Dear Members

May I firstly say on behalf of the Fishermen’s Club that we hope you and your families are safe and all accounted for throughout this unprecedented past week.

I have no doubt in my mind (at least) that what we have experienced is the single greatest threat to our country since the outbreak of the second world war, and the scale of the tragedy is still too early for most us to comprehend let alone how the Government, both State and Federal are going to try and restore some sense of normality as it was before the 27th December.

On the eve of the crisis, I made it clear that the clubs first priority was the safety of our members, families, visitors and our staff and that the cost of and economic fall out of this natural disaster would take second place.

Now that the most immediate threat to life and the town itself appears to have eased (but by no means passed) this week Club Management will turn our focus back to how we recover the Club and get back to the way we were before all this started.

Although it is still too early to provide our members with a definite assessment and update of where we presently stand, the immediate purpose of this update is to provide some information which may be of value to our members and any visitor either remaining in the region or intending to return.

Our immediate priority as of Tuesday 7th January is focus on getting the Recreation Club open to some extent of trading capacity.

As did many of us who took the extreme but safest measure of evacuation from Eden either before or on Saturday the 5th, we have staff and contractors still unable to return to the town. In some instance, we still have some of our employees isolated to the South of Eden and unable to leave their properties as the emergency service authorities have deemed the roads too dangerous.

Given the absence of tourists and the significant number of Eden residents that have yet to return to the area, our short term assessment is that we will experience limited or greatly reduced trading activity and therefore we have to make significant reductions in our staffing and operation capacity accordingly.

Our caterers remain in Sydney at present and are attempting to return to Eden, however this will take some days.

Given this, our focus today is to ascertain what staff resources are available at present and to what capacity we can trade.

As a result of this, the Club has made the difficult but only decision to keep the Eden Gardens Country Club trading on minimal conditions for the immediate present. We are planning to have the golf course open from today for play every day (subject to weather conditions) commencing Wednesday  8th and bowling greens ready for play from Friday January 10th.

Further notifications will be issued later in the week advising of trading times beyond Sunday 12th January.



7/1/20 TUESDAY 12pm to 8pm
(No meal service available)
No Tuesday Members Badge Draw or Raffles
Courtesy Bus Operational 5pm – Close

8/1/20 WEDNESDAY 11am to 9pm
(No meal service available)

Courtesy Bus Operational 5pm – Close

9/1/20 THURSDAY 10am to 9pm
Coast Family Buffet – Open
Bingo Cancelled
Courtesy Bus Operational 5pm – Close

10/1/20 FRIDAY 10am – 9pm
Coast Family Buffet Open
Friday Mega Raffles – from 5.30pm

Courtesy bus Operational 5pm – Close

11/1/20 SATURDAY 10am to 9pm
Coast Family Buffet – Open
Courtesy Bus Operational 4pm – Close

12/1/20   SUNDAY 10am  to  9pm
Coast Family Buffet – Open
Courtesy Bus Operational 5pm – Close