What are ClubGRANTS?
Have you heard about ClubGRANTS? There are two rounds of grants available for community groups in the Bega Valley:

Category 1 – Bega Valley Shire Council coordinates these grants, where groups can apply for grants of up to $10,000 for projects and services that contribute to the wellbeing of local communities.
Category 2 – You apply directly to your local club for Category 2 grants.

ClubGRANTS online: 2023-2024 Category 2 grants now open
A new round of Category 2 ClubGRANTS is now open for in-kind and cash donations. You apply directly to the Eden Sports & Recreation Club for Category 2 grants.

How to apply
The application process has changed to online only and you can find help on how to apply by following this link.

Applications for Category 1 are open until 2 April 2024.
Applications for Category 2 are open until 30 August 2024.

Who can apply, and for what projects?
The Eden Sports & Recreation Club is keen to support smaller communities in the shire who don’t have their own club.  If you are from areas like Kiah, Towamba, Rocky Hall or Candelo for example, the Eden Sports & Recreation Club welcomes your applications.

The scope of projects you can apply for is broad, as long as the funds stay in the Bega Valley Shire. People outside the shire can also apply if the project is benefitting the Bega Valley.

If you’re still unsure, please contact Eden Sports & Recreation Club ClubsGrant Administration Officer Kristin Hawkins
– Phone (02) 6496 1577
– Email:

ClubGrants 2024
ClubGrants now open